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I've decided to start a list of all my writing. Mainly because Mom wants to be able to read my stuff. So, this is going to be my Master List Of Writing. Everything's going to be linked here so that it's all easy to find. They'll also be put in some sort of order. Now, on with the links!

WRI203 - Descriptive Writing
All that over a bit of mayo
Witching Cat
Memories of the Past

WRI370 - Writing About Place
Students in the School
Crescendos in the Classroom
Outhouses in the Office
Beasts in the Bio Room

In The Past

Liam McBane
The Clock
The book
The trip
Untitled (Nina and Zach)

Kingdom Hearts music drabbles
Yellow Ties and Hats
Fighting the Darkness

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Hey..i wanted to take WRI203 this summer..would you recommend it? What is the content exactly? Thanks!

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Re: WRI203

I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of freedom to write what you wanted, since we were just given a general topic like "childhood memory". There is a lot of writing involved, of course, but I found it much easier than writing essays for other classes.

There were also weekly assignments that were pretty easy, basically just write one sentence or paragraph examples of whatever we had talked about that week.

The only thing I hated was having to meet with the prof for an editing session, but that's just because I have this irrational fear of people reading my work with me in the room.

The group editing sessions (done in small groups we made on our own) were lots of help. Even if my piece wasn't one we went over, hearing what other people were writing gave me lots of ideas for my own.

In terms of content, we mostly went over what made good writing. How to cut down on wordiness, using rhetorical devices, cliches. Our final mark was based on 7 pieces we handed in at the end along with the weekly assignments, which were pass/fail, you did it or you didn't.

The year I did it, the 7 assignments were

Assignment 1
Childhood memory

Assignment 2
Write about an incident you have experienced or observed in school

Assignment 3
Write about something that happened in the family

Assignment 4
Write about an incident at work

Assignment 5
Write about a person

Assignment 6
Write a story on men/women relationships (husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, priest/nun)
OR write about a murder – everything except the murder is true

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Thanks!! and would you consider it a relatively easy course..because that's what I'm looking for..but I do love writing! any idea what the class average was, and which professor did you have? Thank you in advance!

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I found it pretty easy and as long as you like writing you should too. I have no idea what the average was, but I got 80%. I lost marks mainly because I didn't go to enough editing sessions with the prof.

I don't remember my professor's name, but I don't think she's there any more. She was really young, had been a TA the year before. If you have a chance to take a class with Guy Allen though, he's amazing. Completely terrifying sometimes, but an amazing professor. Just don't show up late or he'll kick you out.

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