I only had to stay one night in hospital. They put a drain in my neck and sent me home with it. I had to empty it twice. It was really gross. I went back to the hospital today and got the drain out. It was the weirdest feeling ever. I had a lot of problems this morning. My appointment was for 10am with Dr Matthews. I got a phone call at 9:10 saying that I was supposed to be there at 8:30 for an appointment with some other doctor. Then, when we finally got it all sorted out, Dad and the doctor got into an argument.

Dad: Before you take that out, can you change your gloves? I just noticed that you touched the door handle and coughed onto the back of your hand.
Dr: Oh, it's not a sterile procedure.
Dad: What?!
Dr: Yes, none of this is sterilized.
Dad: Well, that's why there are so many hospital infections.
Dr: Are you some sort of expert on this?
Dad: I'm an informed patient.

The doctor never did change his gloves. I had a HOLE in my neck and he didn't see a need to sterilize anything? The good news is that I think every thing's okay, but still. If the patient asks you to change gloves, it's probably a good idea (and easier) to just do it.

Other than that I've been doing okay since coming home. I threw up yesterday, but luckily I hadn't eaten anything at that point. I ache everywhere on my upper body, but that's to be expected. I got a look at the back of my neck today and the cut is huge. It goes all the way across my neck and is black with stitches. The only other bad thing with my neck right now is that they had to shave some of my hair. Then, they didn't bother to take away the hair they had shaved, so it got all matted with my other hair. Mom spent an hour and a half last night brushing my hair and cleaning out the dried and matted blood. I feel so much better now, but it's still weird to reach back and feel shaved hair.

That's pretty much everything that's happened lately. I'm spending most of my time sleeping and relaxing in the recliner. So, I'm going to go back to sleep now.


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