Wow. I haven't updated since November. I suck. Well, things are going pretty good. Christmas was really nice. Had lots of fun being back home. I got a new camera from Grandma and Dad gave me money for a Wii. I bought myself EA Sport Active and have been using it everyday. It's a really good workout. I felt so sore after the first time I used it, but I'm getting used to it now.

In other news, Mom's house is currently demolished. She's having it re-done into two houses. This has been years coming, so it's nice to finally see some progress. So far the old house is gone and I think Mom said they had the new foundation in. It should be done before I finish school, so I'll come back to a brand new house! With insulation! I swear, that's the best part of this. Now I won't freeze my ass off in winter.

Speaking of school, I'm in my final semester. As long as I pass all my classes, I'm going to be graduating in June. It'll be nice to finally have it done, but it's still going to be weird going back home after living away for five years. Next year I'm hopefully going to be going to Mount Royal for my Child and Youth Care Counseling Diploma. It seems like a good program and is pretty much exactly what I want to do (work with kids in a school setting).

And that's pretty much my life. I've barely done any writing since NaNo, but I'm hoping I'm going to have a chance to finish the story up over reading week. Then I can edit it and I'll start posting it here.

Oh! I almost forgot. Not sure if anyone reading this knows, but I make custom My Little Ponies. I kinda have a lot of them, so I need to sell them. So... here's my deviantART journal explaining all about how to buy them. I also take commissions, if anyone would like their own, personal pony. For either, you can contact me through deviantART (if you have an account), leave a comment here, or PM me.


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