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I've been cleaning out my room and office and have come across a bunch of stuff that I'm not that attached to. Combined with my need for money, I've decided to sell it all off. 

All prices are in Canadian $$.

I ship from Calgary, Canada using the cheapest available option. Tracking usually costs more, so let me know if you want it. I am not responsible for packages lost in delivery.

To purchase: Leave a message telling me what you want. I’ll make sure I still have it, calculate shipping and give you a final total in a PM. If you’re okay with that price send me your papal email and I’ll send you an invoice.

Absolute Boyfriend – volumes 1-5
$8 each, entire set for $30

Descendents of Darkness – volumes 1-11
$8 each, entire set for $75

Diabolo – volume 1-3
$8 each, entire set for $15

FAKE – volume 1-7
$8 each, entire set for $45

Gundam Wing: Ground Zero
Gundam Wing: Blind Target
Gundam Wing: Episode Zero
$10 each, entire set for $25

Legal Drug – volume 1-3
$8 each, entire set for $20

Loveless – volume 1-3
$8 each, entire set for $20

Maximum Ride – volume 1

Ouran High School Host Club – volume 10-12
$8 each, entire set for $20

Trigun Maximum – volume 1


Gakuen Heaven Collection – complete season

Heroes – season 1 box set

Kyo Kara Maoh! – volume 3

The Magical World of Magic Knight Rayearth – season 1 and 2 box set (season 2 still in plastic wrap)

Slayers – season 1 box set

Torchwood – season 1 box set

Tsubasa – volume 1-3
$10 each, entire set for $2


Doctor Who: The Doctor Trap

Doctor Who: Aliens and Enemies


Disney Sing It
Disney Sing It High School Musical
Disney Sing It High School Musical 3 Senior Year
Disney Sing It Pop Hits
$15 each

Singstar 90's
Singstar Amped
Singstar Pop Vol. 2
Singstar Queen
$20 each

2 Singstar microphones
$10 each, both for $15, or $12 added onto any Singstar or Sing It game


Saiyuki poster

Fullmetal keychains (sitting Ed has no keychain chain)
$3 each, entire set for $15

Fullmetal figures
$3 each, entire set for $15

Knock-off Hetalia One Coin figures
South Italy
North Italy
$3 each, $15 for entire set

Title: ココガイタ
Pairing: UK x Japan
Rating: G-PG
Pages: 20
Price: $10

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