I was inspired to work on my Nano tonight. It would have been great. A nice little character piece about a dragon. Too bad the angel had to keep butting in. It would also be nice if I had any idea what they were talking about.


Title: Possession
Series: Liam McBane
Warnings: mention of nudity
Characters/couples: Liam, Zach, Nina
Rating: PG

The dragon looked down at her human. He was sleeping again. Tossing and turning and muttering in his sleep, bandages stained with blood wrapped around his chest and legs. His arm covered in plaster, the bones knitting themselves together faster than they should.


She slid down from the dresser, wings spreading and pulling her to the air. Silently, she glided over to the bed, coming to rest with barely a whisper. Her human turned towards her, their bond calling out to him. His hands clenched at the sheets, fingers flexing, sending suddenly sharp nails tearing through the soft fabric.


The dragon shuddered, her form slipping to that of a woman. She did not bother with clothes, they had no meaning for her, just another silly human thing. Her hair, as black as her scales, as black as her skin, fell over her breasts, over her hips. Even in human form, though, she was not human. She moved with a grace no human could hope to possess. A panther slinking through the night, her skin absorbed the light. A black hole on the bed, she lay next to her human.


 Her human was so young, just a hatchling, not even half a century. He thought himself grown and she laughed at him. No, he was still her young, her child, her dragonling. Still hers to protect and possess. For dragons do not release that which they catch and, no matter what her human though, she had caught him.


Her human moaned, his face twisting in agony. Nina ran her hand, tipped in lethal claws, over his heart, purring in his ear. Hush little one, hush. There is nothing to fear here. Nothing to dread.


 “He is not yours alone, dragon.” Yellow eyes slid up from her human’s face, catching emerald green at the side of the bed.


“I have more claim to him than you, angel.” Her voice was cold, full of the dark and mystery of the forests she had once called home. “He was mine before he was even born.” Her arms wrapped around the human, still such a child to the two creatures in the room.


The angel scowled, his wings lifting up and out. “He was mine before you were hatched.”


“It was your father who made the prophecy of him, before you were even a thought.” Fangs gleamed in the moonlight as she smiled, more a baring of teeth than an expression of happiness. Her own wings, leathery darkness to his white feathers, spread over her human.


The angel growled, low and deep in his throat. “A prophecy means nothing until it comes to pass.” His own fangs glistened.


Tension filled the room. Two beings powerful enough to destroy the world stared at each other over the body of one human. Yellow and green eyes fought over the right to posses.  


A groan from beneath them. “No fightin’.” Tension snapped as yellow and green snapped down to look at the human. Still locked in sleep, one hand wrapped around the dragon’s hand, the other reaching out to the angel’s.


Angel and dragon met eyes again.


“For one night.” The angel said, restraint tinting his voice.


“One night.” The dragon agreed, sliding her human over to make room for his angel.


Angel and dragon curled around their human, midnight black and winter white wrapping around him, protecting him from the nightmares he could not escape. Green met yellow over his head, both agreeing, neither giving. Their human, for one night. Possession shared, for one night.


But dragons don’t share.


And angels don’t forgive.

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