Today was my first day of classes at Mount Royal. It's really different from UTM and I'm not sure which is better yet.

My first class was an intro English class. The professor couldn't be there, so she had recorded a video of herself talking about the class and going over the syllabus. There's an oral presentation, which I'm not looking forward too, but the first 10 minutes of every class is used for free writing, which should be fun.

My second class was Interview Techniques. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this isn't it. Every class we go over a communication technique (paraphrasing, open ended questions, etc.) and then practice in the communications lab. And by practice I mean interview each other while tapping ourselves. We go into these tiny rooms with a camera on the ceiling and then watch ourselves on a tv. Our final project is a 10-15 minute interview demonstrating the techniques that we have to tape and submit.

Tomorrow is intro to creative fiction, which I'm really looking forward to! 

It was kind of weird going to a new school for the first time in 5 years. I sort of know my way around, but nothing like how I knew UTM. And I don't have any friends yet. I've talked to some people in my classes, who all seem nice, but I didn't see any of them when I was eating lunch.

But! The best thing about Mount Royal? The food! No more Chartwells!!!!!! Mount Royal has real food places, like Subway, Dairy Queen, OPA! Souvlaki, Booster Juice, Cultures, Vanellis, Edo, Thai Express, and a bunch of other places I don't really know but that looks good. One of them had a really good looking lasagna today. Unfortunately I didn't see it until I'd already bought souvlaki and sat down, but still. Good food!
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