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([personal profile] allykatb Aug. 31st, 2010 01:55 pm)
As some of you may know, I graduated from UTM in June. This year I'm going to Mount Royal University. Today I did a trial run of the buses, making sure I knew how to get to school for the first day. Here's a summary of my conclusions.

1. The commute won't be as long as I expected!!!!! It only took me about an hour, not the hour and a half I had planned for. Which meant I got up earlier than I needed, but whatever. Better early than late.

2. I now know where all my classes are. Man they're small. I'm so used to the 100-300 seater rooms at UTM. Seeing rooms that only seat 30 is weird. But all my classes are easy to find and two are even in the same building!

3. No more Mr Sub!!!! Mount Royal has a Subway!!!!

4. What do you mean I have to get a new student card every year? Whose bright idea was that?

5. Stairs that lead to a single classroom and that's it are a horrible idea. I got so lost and went up and down too many stairs to count.

6. Have no idea how to get into the gym. I think I might have to go down stairs, but on this campus, who knows? While I did like the bright open gym at UTM, this one has a climbing wall and a burlesque class!

7. I miss UTM! I miss knowing where everything is, I miss the Tim Horton's (the one hear doesn't do bagels or sandwiches), and I miss the people. It was so lonely walking around the campus and not knowing anyone.

Overall, it was a good trip. Hopefully classes themselves will go just as well next week.
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